The LiLi Centre is a place to connect, grow and thrive.

Founded in 2016, the LiLi Centre is Luzern's first community centre targeted at international residents and their families as well as internationally minded locals. It also the physical home of Living in Luzern, JIFF, SIVO, and the Lucerne World Theatre Company.

About the Centre

The space itself, located at Alpenquai 40a near the Ufschötti in Luzern, is envisioned as: 

  • A place where parents can come and let the children run around while they connect and relax in each other’s company; 
  • A place to learn new things and share knowledge, experience, and advice; 
  • A place where entrepreneurs can find similarly minded people and network; 
  • A place to learn about Swiss culture and help with integration; 
  • A place to create and share art, be it theatre, photography, painting, or more. 

Become a member

Members of the LiLi Centre have access to its social area and its facilities (café, children’s play area, terrace—we even have a shower and changing area if you fancy a swim or a run in the neighborhood). Membership also gives you access to exclusive events run by the centre and its partners, as well as discounted prices on courses and discounted rates for venue rental.  Learn more about our membership here.

Volunteer at the center

The LiLi Centre is run as a non-profit association and needs volunteers to keep it open. We are currently looking for volunteers to help us run the centre on a daily basis, as well as contribute to our space, programming, and upkeep. If you are interested, please contact us at for more information. The centre can only be as good as its members, so we invite you to come by, share your thoughts, and become a part of a thriving community! 

Sign up for a 3-hour volunteer shift

Volunteers are needed to help keep the centre open to the public. Duties include greeting guests, answering questions about the centre, manning the bar, and some light cleaning when needed. During the shift you are welcome to study, read, relax and use the space as you wish, so long as volunteer duties are covered. Children are welcome to stay with you during your shift in the play area.

Our volunteer shifts start at 9:00, 12:00 and 15:00 on weekdays and 9:00 on Saturday. To sign up, simply pick a date and time slot on the calendar link below. We look forward to having you at the LiLi Centre!