LiLi Centre Terms and Conditions

Membership of the LiLi Centre is non-transferable and charged on an annual basis. By becoming a member of the LiLi Centre Community, you agree to follow terms and conditions.


1)    Respect all Centre spaces and property, and show due consideration for other users. Remember to leave things as you find them! If you turn it on, turn it off again. If you get it out, put it away afterwards. If you dirty it, wash it. If you finish it, replace it. If you spill it, clean it up. If you break it, own up! If you find something is broken or missing, please inform a member of staff.


2)    Respect our neighbours. Please enter and leave the Centre quietly, especially if using the centre before 7am or after 10pm, or between noon and 2pm. Please park considerately, and leave all outside areas tidy.


3)    Please do not remove any property of the Centre without prior agreement with Centre staff.


4)    Remember to ‘Feed the Pig’! I.e. contribute to the honesty box for drinks and refreshments.


5)    Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times. Children of all ages are welcomed at the Centre and are an integral part of the LiLi Centre community. However, we do ask parents to be responsible for their own children with regards to general safety and behaviour both inside and outside the premises.


6)    Dogs must be kept on a leash at the Centre - Furry friends are welcome on the terrace, so long as they are calm and well behaved.


7)    Guests - Occasional visiting guests may accompany members to the Centre at no additional charge at the discretion of Centre staff. Members remain liable for the conduct of their guests whilst on Centre grounds.


8)    The LiLi Centre and all external areas are strictly NO SMOKING - Please refrain from smoking on the terrace or steps.


9)    Consumption of alcohol - Alcoholic drinks may only be bought and consumed on Centre premises. If you choose to bring your own alcohol for a specific event or meeting, then prior permission must be sought from the Centre Director.


10) Waste disposal - The Centre’s waste bins are for daily-running-related rubbish only. If you create additional waste (e.g. following a meeting or party you arrange at the Centre) please arrange disposal of this yourself.

11) Donations - Whilst the Centre is always happy to receive donations of materials, equipment and supplies, (e.g. books, furniture, toys, crockery, etc.), please do not simply leave donations lying around or without notifying a staff member. See also point 12.


12) Family ethos - Remember the centre’s family focus and ensure all activities are compatible with this. Please avoid bringing any materials or items not suitable for children to the centre.


13) Upholding the Centre’s values is important - The Centre reserves the right to seek financial recompense for any damage to its property, intentional or otherwise, and in extreme cases of neglect of the Centre’s facilities or community spirit, to terminate individual memberships without warning or refund of fees.


14) Terms and conditions may be modified at any time, in which case all members will be informed of amendments by email. A full list of the current terms and conditions are displayed in the Centre and are available in hard copy upon request.