Our Partners


Living In Luzern 

Founded in 2007, Living in Luzern is a not for profit organisation whose main purpose is to help international residents in Luzern looking to connect to with each other and the local community. This is achieved with a lifestyle magazine available online and in press format as well as through socially responsible projects being led through the LiLi Centre.


Job Integration for Foreigners (JIFF)

JIFF is a non profit organisation aimed at helping English speaking foreigners find the tools they need to work in an around the Lucerne region. Their main coordinator is an international resident who has lived here for many years and has substantial knowledge of the business world in the area.


The Swiss Skills Academy (SSA)

At the Swiss Skills Academy (SSA), they believe international residents should have access to the tools that will help them be more competitive in the Swiss job market. Basic skills training is an important element of the Swiss Skills Academy’s commitment to supporting the economic integration of international residents.