Need somewhere to rehearse and show that theatric performance or recital? The Fringe, the LiLi Centre's small, intimate theatre/movie room is for small productions, movie nights or even games nights!  

The Fringe is a fully equipped theatre room.  The space is small and intimate and is suitable for rehearsing for small theatre productions, shows or recitals.  The room is equipped with a projector, full sound system and lighting (rented separately - prices available on demand).  

This is the primary area where the Lucerne World Theatre Company rehearses for their productions.

Everyone can rent the space for shows, plays, recitals, movie nights or even interactive games nights; for more information please contact as For those who would like to use other areas within the Centre in conjunction with The Fringe, we will keep an updated calendar on the website so that you can plan accordingly around scheduled events.

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