Workshops & Self-Help Groups

We run regular workshops at the Lili Centre to allow people to share their skills and experience with others. Below are some examples of the workshops and self-help groups that are hosted on a regular basis.



Swiss Skills Academy

At the Swiss Skills Academy (SSA), we believe international residents should have access to the tools that will help them be more competitive in the Swiss job market. Basic skills training is an important element of the Swiss Skills Academy’s commitment to supporting the economic integration of international residents.

The Academy’s programme focuses on providing introductory and intermediate level modules in IT (Excel and Word), website design, creating marketing material, social media and personal branding, presentation skills and project management in order to increase the chances of adult learners to integrate into the job market.

Entrepreneur's In Switzerland

Is a self-help group which meets at the Lili Centre to swap ideas and learn from each other.  As a Group they learn different entrepreneurial mechanisms and discuss various topics that could help you to move forward in Switzerland with your career.  It doesn’t matter if you have a job or are searching for a job, changing your career path, or simply thinking about what you would love to do! 



JIFF Workshop 

JIFF (Job Integration for Foreigners) is a non profit organisation aimed at helping English speaking foreigners find the tools they need to work in and around the Lucerne region. They hold regular information coffee mornings at the Lili Centre as well as workshops designed to help improve your chances of finding a job. 

Their main coordinator is an international resident who has lived in the area for many years and has substantial knowledge of the local business world. 


Information Coffee Morning

Every Wednesday morning we host an information coffee morning at the Lili Centre. Do you have questions about living in the canton of Lucerne? Or are you just looking for someone who knows what it feels like to be an expat?  In all cases we are here for you with insider knowledge! Our team members will be available to answer your questions over a cup of coffee or tea. We look forward to seeing you there!



With this project the LiLi Centre’s goal is to empower women to be independent, grow and learn, be empowered to seek their goals and dreams, or simply learn tips and tricks that can help to achieve better self confidence, skills and career opportunities in Switzerland. They host a variety of different events, workshops and projects throughout the year.

Interested in running a workshop or starting a self-help group?  

We encourage our members to share their knowledge with others in the community in order to integrate faster and make the most of their time here. If you would like to host a group or workshop at the Lili Centre contact us at for more information.