English language learning for native English speaking children

Are you a native English speaker with a child at home who has also learned English as a first language? They can now improve their language skills at the LiLi Centre's new English Language School for Children, an officially recognized program by the canton Luzern's Heimatliche Sprach und Kultur (HSK) department. 

The goal behind this program is to help children master core English skills and elevate their English education beyond what is currently offered in local public schools. Such skills not only help with learning German at school, but also help children establish their own identity, prepare them for contact with relatives, and help with a possible return to English-speaking culture in later years.

About the classes

The program is open to English-speaking children ages 4-11. Kids will learn reading, writing, spelling, history, culture, and grammar from tutors fluent in the English language. The curriculum, designed by certified English instructor Joanna Christen-Glennie, is based off the Nelson English Skills Courses from Oxford University Press.

The classes are offered in 10-12 week semesters (in line with public school schedules) and take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. Class size ranges from 4 to 10 children. All pupils will be assessed on their skills and given a grade and report on their performance. There is a required fee for the semester; please inquire with the school coordinator regarding costs.

School Coordinator:

Joanna Christen-Glennie
The Lili Centre
Alpenquai 40a
6005 Lucerne

Next Semester Dates

All classes take place on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons at the LiLi Centre. Parents are expected to ensure that their child attends the class sessions regularly.

2018 sessions

Dates for the winter term:
Wednesday classes: 10.01.2018-28.03.2018
Thursday class: 11.01.2018-29.03.2018

Summer term: 
Wednesday classes: 18.04.2018-04.07.2018
Thursday class: 19.04.2018-05.07.2018

Autumn term:
Wednesday classes: 29.08.2018-28.11.2018
Thursday class:  30.11.2018-06.12.2018

*Please note class dates may be subject to alterations. 


We invite you to first attend an information session at the LiLi Centre to learn more about the program. Info sessions will be posted on the LiLi Centre calendar; alternatively, you can use the contact form below to inquire for more information.

To officially register, please use the registration form below and submit it to the school coordinator. 

Forms and Additional Information

Intro to English Language School
Benefits of Native Language Learning
Registration Form (please print and fill out)

Contact Us

Visit the official website: www.hsk-lucerne-english-school.ch

Have any questions? Interested in the next information session? Contact us via info@hsk-lucerne-english-school.ch