Oct 31. - Halloween at the Lili Centre

Oct 31. - Halloween at the Lili Centre

This year for Halloween we will be hosting a joint event with the Swiss American Society Lucerne (SASL)! Come and have a spooky good time with the whole family! We will be decorating the trunks of our cars in celebration of Halloween, as well as handing out sweets to the little ones. Don't forget to wear your best costume—we will be having a costume contest for both adults and kids! Following this the fun continues with an after-party at the Lili Centre where we will be serving up spooky cocktails and bar snacks! 

Oct 20. - International Dinner: Tapas & Flamenco

Oct 20. - International Dinner: Tapas & Flamenco

Join us on Saturday 20. October for our next International Dinner! A tapas and flamenco fiesta! The flamenco group will recreate an authentic flamenco atmosphere full of passion and thunder. Flamenco dancer Renata Nunes has invited artists Daniel Portman (guitar) and Rafael Paneque (singer) for the Tablao (show)! Renata Nunes is a professional Flamenco dancer recently based in Luzern. 

The tapas will be a yummy mix of Spanish and Latin American flavours. Be sure to sign soon as places will be going really fast.

German Conversation Group (A2 Level)

German Conversation Group (A2 Level)

Starting in October we will be offering a new A2 Level German Conversation Group at the Lili Centre! In this course, you will learn the most important basic phrases and expressions in German. Our German survival kit includes common conversational words and phrases, strategies to cope in German, and basic grammar. This course is for newcomers who not only want to learn some basic German, but also need some help navigating daily life here in Switzerland.

Swiss Skills Academy: 20% off for LiLi Centre members

LiLi Centre is happy to collaborate with the Swiss Skills Academy which is offering our members a 20% on courses this autumn.

Building Skills for All:  How the Swiss Skills Academy is Making Learning Accessible


In today’s knowledge-based economy, the skills-set we possess, the continuous learning we engage in and the professional networks we build are essential to finding a job. These fundamental elements are needed by anyone who is trying to integrate into the labour market.

Continuing Education and Training (CET) serves to improve and update skills, abilities and knowledge, and to expand them to encompass new fields and tasks. Unfortunately, the provision of continuing education courses in English at affordable prices is very limited in Central Switzerland. In fact, the provision of courses comprised of one or more modules in English in subjects such as digital marketing, project management, and business development is non-existent.


The Swiss Skills Academy is offering international residents the opportunity to upgrade their skills after taking a career break, or whilst changing jobs or planning to set up a business. Some of our courses include basic and intermediate Excel, creating marketing material, social media and personal branding, pitching techniques, introduction to project management, and creating effective presentations on PowerPoint. 


All our courses are offered in English by qualified professionals. By conducting the modules in English, the Academy wants to ensure that they are accessible to individuals whose German skills may not be sufficient to attend courses currently on offer in the area, removing language as a potential barrier to learning or updating important skills needed to enter the workforce. Furthermore, Swiss residents interested in perfecting their English language skills and/or wanting to work in an international setting can benefit from our courses.


For those with an entrepreneurial spirit, we are offering a Small Business Boot Camp specifically designed for business-owners-to-be or those who just launched their business.  Those who participate in the boot camp will have the opportunity to meet with our team at a mutually agreed time and at no additional cost to review the material covered.


We want to support adult learning by ensuring the availability of high quality courses at affordable prices.


Contact us for a free consultation at info@swiss-skills-academy.ch