Apr 9 - Information Evening - Reiki

"Spring is here. And with it comes the lovely, fresh and renewed energy of our Earth Mother awakening back to a more colourful life. Perfect time for the opportunity to be working on the internal spring cleaning. To look after the most important thing that you will ever have... YOU...,your Mind, Body, Spirit and your Emotions. How...?

Laura Sargeant invites you for the opportunity to learn and find out about something a majority of us might think of as "out of the ordinary". But that is very ancient.  A special evening with an open invitation for you to find out and ask questions about REIKI Complementary Therapy. A refreshing way of clearing the last of our stale and stagnant hibernating energetic self, that might be still lingering around after the winter months.

What is Reiki?
How does it work?
What does a treatment look like? 
How will I know if it's the right thing for me?
How can it assist and help?

All of these questions and more will be answered on this short informative evening. You are welcome to come and have a listen and a chat on the evening of 9th of April at 8:00pm.

At the end of the evening attendees will be given the opportunity to enter a draw to receive a free trial session.

Laura is very excited and looking forwards to be able to speak and share openly at the Lili Centre. 

See you there :)

Date: 9 Apr
Time: 20:00 - 20:45
Where: Lili Centre
Cost: Free

For more information please contact Laura Sargeant: SacredSpace@gmx.ch 

If you would like to attend please sign up using the form below (a minimum of 2 attendees is required to run the event)  

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