Sept 9 - 'Social Media and Kids' Workshop for Parents

This autumn the LiLi Centre presents 'Social media and kids' a workshop aimed at parents.

Petra Lin: "While working with school children about social media threats and possibilities, I also realised how important it is to first explain all the information about social media to parents and teachers."

Understanding daily kids and teens world, especially online, can be challenging for parents because adults don’t communicate online in the same way, are not that active online, or simply not necessarily using the same social media platforms as their kids.

The workshop is designed to present newest apps, platforms that kids may use, inappropriate content kids may get online or put by not knowing, also the steps you can take to protect them etc.

For more information:

When: Saturday 9th September
Time: 11:00 - 12:00
Where: Lili Centre
Cost: Free

Collaboration with Tuskwood

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