Apr 8 - International Evening – Seafood Feast!

Let’s face it however much we love Switzerland one thing we cannot get enough of here is good fresh seafood.

But on April 8 Chef Arthaud and Foodie Charlie will be pulling out all the stops (by going to France) and bringing back loads of fresh seafood. We’ll start with a delicious fish soup and then follow with Crabs, Langoustines, Shrimps, Clams, Oysters, Whelks amongst others will be served up boiled, broiled or grilled for our delight. A seafood feast at the LiLi Centre, yummy!

Be sure to sign up early.

When: April 8
Time: 19:00
Where: LiLi Centre
How much: CHF 50.- (includes a glass of wine) for adults  & CHF 20.- for kids

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