Mar. 12 - Workshop: Reimagine your Professional Identity

If your job title or work credentials did not transfer when you relocated to Switzerland, you are not alone! This brief workshop aims to help you answer the question, "What's next?"

Dr. Brandi Eijsermans of Optimal Wellness Global will host an introduction for international residents looking to figure out the next step in their career. Let go of old titles and self-perceptions and build a new professional identity based on your skills and strengths to explore the full breadth of business opportunities in Switzerland. 

This workshop will take place as part of SUPERHEROES DAY on March 12, a Saturday event dedicated to women's issues.


You will introduced to professional identity formation and development during this workshop. Re-examine your core strengths and strategically deconstruct your knowledge, expertise and career experiences.

By letting go of our preconceptions of our professional "self," limited by former titles and roles, we open our mental space for the present situation. Part of adapting to the Swiss business market is taking part in this exploration. This event helps those who want to explore this transition in a structured and supportive environment to empower the next step in their career.

To join the workshop, please RSVP for our event Superheroes Day here.