Mar. 12 - Workshop: Waking up your creative self

Have you ever considered taping into your creative-self, as your way, to explore and reach all these different goals? To explore and reach your inner self and identity?

This workshop by Maria Samara will take place as part of SUPERHEROES DAY on March 12, a Saturday event dedicated to women's issues.

But what does it really mean “Tapping into your Creative Self”? What is being creative?

Being creative is an interactive process of empowerment and self- healing. Is allowing yourself to make mistakes, to be free and spontaneous. To trust and share, to communicate and connect.   Is to live life to its full potential.  In a way is to be in love with life.

About Maria Samara

For more than 20 years as a musician /performer and 18 years as a therapist/psychotherapist, reaching there, was my goal both as a person and as a therapist.  Having music along the way, I learned how to be spontaneous and expressive.  How to communicate, to share, to connect, to trust and to feel.  I learned how to be open, to take risks, to listen to my “soul sing”, to be true and respectful to my feelings.  I learned in a word how to be creative.

Sharing this experience and opening up new paths of empowerment and self-healing has become my new task, and that is why I started with the “Waking Up your Creative Self” groups a year ago.

The groups, using music therapy and Guided Imagery and Music(GIM) techniques, like improvisation, free music making, singing, moving, dancing, music listening, and the use of other forms of art, aim in providing for the participants the time and space to relax, feel, connect, communicate, explore, share at all levels- personal and social, and of course, have tones of fun!!!!

Music being a holistic tool, reaching both mind, body, soul, and spirit can be the frame that safely holds us all together and keep us moving.

So, if you want to live life a little more today, come join us to “Waking Up your Creative Self” groups and dance, sing, play, love and be in love with life and with yourself. See the beauty in life and you will bring out the beauty from within.

To join the workshop, please RSVP for our event Superheroes Day here.