6 Nations Rugby at LiLi Centre on Feb. 25 and Mar. 11

Get your kids excited by watching the 2017 Rugby 6 Nations with fun rugby facts, activities, quizzes and lots more! Join us at the LiLi Centre for the upcoming games on Saturday Feb. 25 and Mar. 11. 

The Rugby 6 Nations is a yearly tournament between England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy. Watching the games live is a powerful motivational factor for your kids to work hard to improve their skills.

This is a FREE event. Kids can choose their free rugby top and the parents must also wear the same colour. We have England, Scotland, Wales & Ireland tops in different kids sizes 7-8 (SB), 9-10 (MB), and 11-12 (LB). Please let us know which top and size; drop us an email to kids.rugby@rcl.ch.

Game schedule:

  • February 4th 15:25 Scotland vs Ireland
  • February 25th 15:25 Scotland vs Wales
  • March 11th 17:00 England vs Scotland

Matches are 80 minutes long with 40 minute halves.There will be a before game warm-up and stoppage time drill.