Oct 23. - Warming Breathing Techniques Workshop

Warming Breathing Techniques Workshop

Tuesday, 23. October 18:00 - 20:00 @ LiLi Centre with Gerda Imhof

For winter swimmers, outdoor freaks and everybody who gets cold easily!

In this workshop we are learning breathing techniques from yoga and beyond to warm us up from the inside. In the first part of the workshop we will familiarise ourselves with the exercises indoors (approx. 60 min). After that, we are going to head outside for about 30 min to put the exercises to a test. Finally, we will be heading back inside, where we can share our experiences and enjoy a cup of tea.

What to bring:

- Yoga mat or camping mat 

- Meditation cushion / blanket (optional)

- Comfortable sport’s clothes

- If you feel up to it, you can do the outdoor part „Wim Hof style“ - i.e. only in swimwear or shorts.

Enrollment: info@gerdaimhof.ch

Course Fee: Free of charge