Feb 22. - Linkedin Workshop

Increasingly these days professionals, HR Specialists and CEO’s are using a LinkedIn profile to find new employees, partners for business & collaborators. People say if you are not on LinkedIn – you are not in Business & Job market.

The main problem with LinkedIn and use of it, that most of the time we just put our list of experiences and stop using this social media channels as a tool to network, find jobs or build expertise. We don’t know how to build the value of the experiences we have, collaborations and projects we have made or doing.

It is time to learn to use LinkedIn as a tool to grow not only your professional network but also change your professional path. Do you want to find a job? Would you like to build your expertise? Look, Professional? Would you like to change your career or find new business partners/clients?

This workshop is for you!

Workshop Structure:

45 min – Social media & Personal online profile/Image  (Introduction, different channels, tools, examples)
15 min  – Break
60 min. – Workshop on your personal LinkedIn profile (Step by step we will create your professional look online: structure, expertise, strategy, goals)
15min – Questions/Answers

What will you learn? 

  • What can the added value of LinkedIn be for or within the organisation I work for?
  • What other channels are good for your professional online network?
  • What kind of tools can  you use to make your online professional look look stronger?
  • How can I use LinkedIn to reach my goals faster?
  • What does a good profile look like?
  • How to build a network on LinkedIn?
  • How do I write a great invitation to connect?
  • How do I react to requests to connect?
  • How do I deal with LinkedIn and other websites without spending too much time?
  • LinkedIn App and best tips to use it?

Place: Lili Centre
Date: Thursday 22. February
Time: 18:00 – 20:15
Cost: CHF 40.- for Lili Centre members / CHF 50.- for non members

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