Jan 2. - Breath work + New Year’s Swim

Breath work + New Year’s Swim

For winter swimmers, outdoor freaks and everybody else who is ready for a refreshing start into the new year!

We will be starting off with a few breathing exercises from yoga and beyond to warm us up from the inside. After this, we will be heading outside for a nightly dip in the lake. Finally, we will be heading back inside, where we can share our experiences and enjoy a cup of tea and some snacks.

What to bring:
– Yoga mat or camping mat
– Meditation cushion / blanket (optional)
– Comfortable and warm clothes, including a warm hat
– Warm shoes + water shoes / flip flops (optional)
– Swimwear (ideally, already worn underneath your clothes)

Enrolment please eMail: info@gerdaimhof.ch

Course Fee: Free of charge