May 16. - "Wild West" Photography Exhibition

On the 16. May 2018 photographer Gergely Molnar will be at the Lili Centre for the official opening of his latest photography exhibition "Wild West". Visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artist and discuss the works. The event will also include a 'bring your own' BBQ and visitors are encouraged to bring something to throw on the grill! Cold drinks and ice-cream will be available for purchase.

The images will be on display at the Lili Centre until 23. June 2018. A silent auction will then be held on the 23. June as part of the Lili Centre 2nd Year Anniversary celebrations! 

"The exhibition is focusing on the "Wild West" of Lucerne in the region called Entlebuch Biosphere, a natural reserve at the foot of the Alps in the Swiss Canton of Lucerne. The collection includes dreamy landscapes, starry nights & unbelievable sunsets of the last 10 years. My mission is to promote the preservation of our nature and night skies and inspire exploration of our world through still imagery."

For more information about the exhibition click here.

Where: Lili Centre
When: Wednesday 16. May
Time: 18:00 - 20:00
Cost: Entrance is free to all Lili Centre members 

If you would like to attend please RSVP here: 

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