Sept 7. - Ladies’ Networking Circle - Luzern Premiere

Sept 7. - Ladies’ Networking Circle - Luzern Premiere

When there is no village - create one! And that's exactly what we did with the Ladies Networking Circle (LNC) in Zürich, Zug and now Luzern. This is a newly created circle of women interested in networking, exchanging and supporting each other. 

This amazing group of high vibe women is not only about exchanging and having a great time but also and most importantly about realising what we can accomplish together when we join hands, lift each other and start with taking that small step towards a big project! 

If you want to achieve more - join us for energy, ideas and good company! Bring your business cards, your ideas, your friends and/or a big smile! We look forward to meet you!

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Where: Lili Centre
Date: 07/09/18
Time: 18:30 - 21:00