Nov 15. - Workshop: How To Deal With Cold Hands And Feet

Workshop: How To Deal With Cold Hands And Feet

For winter swimmers, outdoor freaks and everybody else who often gets cold hands and feet.

Winter is ahead and with it, many of us are beginning to suffer again from cold hands and feet. And if you're a winter swimmer, you may notice that your hands and feet are becoming a limiting factor as to how long you can actually stay in the water.

In this workshop we are learning different techniques from yoga and beyond to deal with this issue. We will be working with our body, breath and mind. Our aim is in a first step to remove blockages and get the energy flowing more evenly throughout our body, so that it may actually reach our hands and feet.

In a second step, we will be looking at different techniques on how to deal with, accept and maybe even transform pain.

In this workshop I am going to share with you my acquired knowledge of the last couple of years that has helped me to overcome Raynaud Syndrome (a condition that leads to extreme pain in hands and feet due to cold exposure - one of the worst pains I have ever experienced in my whole life).

The workshop will be different from any workshop I have taught in the past, so even if you are frequently participating in my workshops, this one will be a fresh and new experience!

What to bring:
– Yoga mat or camping mat
– Meditation cushion / blanket (optional)
– Comfortable sport’s clothes
– A towel to dry your hands and feet after cold exposure

Where: LiLi Centre
When: Friday 15. November
Time: 18:30 - 21:00
Cost: LiLi Centre members CHF 20.- / Non members CHF 25.-
Registration: Send an email to