April 5 - Media: The Misleading Of False Information (Conference is in French)

Media: The Misleading Of False Information

Conference, in French, by Dr. Laurence Hainault Aggeler

Rumors or fake news go viral all over the world without difficulty. Here comes the "post-truth era" in which emotional or ideological motivations are often considered more valid than objective criteria or facts. Is it normal that the internet is free from any ethical rules? At the same time, however, the major challenge would be to restore the credibility of the information in the online environment, which is the cornerstone of the democratic functioning.

  • Where: at the LiLi Centre (Alpenquai 40A, 6005 Luzern)

  • When: Friday April 5

  • Time: 18.30-22.00

  • Cost:  Free

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