March 21st or 27th - JIFF Workshop - Preparing for the Swiss Job Market

JIFF Workshop - Preparing for the Swiss Job Market 
Part II: Practice Makes Perfect: Take Part In A Mock Interview

In this workshop you will:

·       Practice a job interview in a low-stress environment. This emulated one-on-one interview will help you articulate your thoughts, boost your confidence, and set you up for success.

·       Get a sense of your own performance by watching a recording of your 20 mins interview. Together with one of our coaches you will uncover areas for future improvements.

Note: In order to attend the mock interview, you need to have attended the preparatory session on March 14th.

Where: At the LiLi Centre (Alpenquai 40A, 6005 Luzern)
Thursday March 21st or Wednesday March 27th
CHF 50 for Lili Centre members, CHF 75 for non-members (includes preceding session on March 14th)
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