Feb 9. - The Voice Behind The Story or The Story Behind The Voice

The Voice Behind The Story or The Story Behind The Voice

03.02.19 Unfortunately this event has been cancelled due to lack of Participants

Our voice is the most vivid and unique medium through which we share spoken and unspoken messages to our environment.  It provides the way to present ourselves and our work, the way to communicate, the way to share our story and get it across.

Truth is that there are times that we feel comfortable and happy with this process and times that we feel stressed or even terrified to even voice our story, but, it is important to always remember that everyone has a unique story to share, one that can be meaningful for us and the same time inspiring for others.  In a way, it can be that "our story can be the key to open somebody else's prison.  So we might as well go out there and share it".

But, how do you tell your story  or you present your business or yourself in that manner, without compromising your inner truth?  How well do you use your medium namely your voice?  How does this voice behind the story sound like?  Is it light and/or tense?  Is it breathy and undefined?  Is it small or big?  Does it feel untrue?  Is it in contrast with the message your words convey?  Is your breathing fast and gives you an uneasy feeling?  How does your emotional state in the moment (anxiety, fear, stress, stage frighten) changes or effects your voice?  Is there a way you can create or maybe sustain a voice that is compelling, interesting and finally true?  Is there a way to own your voice and make it your own mirror?

Come join me to this workshop and explore the voice behind your story or the story behind the voice.  Learn techniques that will help you own and use your voice the best way in your everyday life.

The workshop will be divided in two parts:
Part 1: Sharing experiences and exploring more on our voice as a medium,
Part 2: A hands-on workshop, on finding, pampering, and using our voices.

Between the 2 parts will be a break for coffee-tea and getting to know each other better.

Who is this workshop for?

To everybody using voice as an expressive, communicative, working, sharing medium.  So for everybody.
The workshop will run with minimum 6 to maximum 15 participants, so book your place in time

About Maria:

Maria Samara, MA-SFMT, FAMI, is a qualified Music Therapist, and a GIM- Psychotherapist, accredited from the Swiss Association for Music Therapy,  with a 20 years extensive working experience in different medical, psychiatric and educational settings, in New York, Greece and now in Switzerland, working with kids, adolescents and adults.
She is providing one-to-one and group sessions, as well as Creativity Empowerment Workshops and corporate workshops on side or at her private praxis in Luzern Switzerland.
Her articles have been published in different Music Therapy and medical magazines all over the world. 

Where: LiLi Centre
When: Saturday 9. February
Time: 10:00 - 14":00
Cost: CHF 80.-
Registration: Please send an email to maria.samara@ymail.com