Feb 1. - 4 Steps to Pricing With Confidence: Introduction to Pricing for Small Businesses

4 Steps to Pricing With Confidence: Introduction to Pricing for Small Businesses

For businesses knowing what and how to charge customers can be a challenge. It needn’t be. Too often we’re focused on finding the “perfect” price, when we should be focused on how the prices we set support our business and our relationship with customers.

In this session we’ll have a look at the Four Steps to Pricing with Confidence as basis for our conversation.

You’ll walk away understanding:

- Why it’s important to focus on the right thing in pricing and what that is.
- How to start shifting your thinking towards profit and why that makes you smart.
- The four steps that will help you price more effectively and confidently in your business.

Where: The LiLi Centre
Friday 1. February
10:30 - 12:00
LiLi Members CHF 50.- Non-Members CHF 75.-

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More about the Pricing Lady:

Worrying about what & how to charge customers costs – your time, energy and money. Clients hire Janene to help them have a profitable business they love. Together we’ll build develop your pricing skills & help you feel more in setting and getting the right prices. Her passion for pricing is contagious.

Janene is a Certified Pricing Professional with over 20 years experience and a most trusted business partner. She believes we each possess the wisdom we need to thrive in life. Sometimes, we can use a little help tapping in to it. This led her to “pack up” her pricing experience, step out of the corporate and build her own business.

For more information please visit: www.thepricinglady.com