Starts May 22 - Coding For Kids (Age 10 Plus)

Coding For Kids (Age 10 Plus)

The LiLi Centre is hosting a Kids Coding Club for kids aged 10 and up. The club aims to inspire and educate kids with coding skills for the 21st century. Working in Python, Scratch, and HTML/CSS, we’ll build a range of projects from websites, games, animation, and even artificial intelligence! We will learn the 4 basic concepts in coding – variables, conditionals, loops, and functions – and also have fun exploring new trends in technology. No previous coding experience required! This class runs for 7 weeks, not counting school holidays and students should enroll for the entire semester

About the leader: Laura Kinkead
I didn’t take my very first coding class until I was 19, but I’ve been coding ever since! I’m passionate about giving kids the opportunity to learn about coding at a younger age. I am a professional Software Engineer and Data Scientist, and I’ve lead a kids coding club for the last 3 years with the US-based organisation Girls Who Code.

Where: Lili Centre
When: Every Wednesday between 22 May and 03 Jul 2019
Time: 17:30 – 18:30
Cost:  Try First Day for CHF25.00, and we will bill you 150.00 for the remaining classes. Or pay upfront for all 7 classes CHF175.00 - price for members. Price for non-members CHF 245.-

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