Sept 24. - Information Session For New Winter Swimmers

Information Session For New Winter Swimmers

Are you fascinated by the idea of taking a winterly dip in ice-cold water but have so far been scared to do so on your own? Do you hate the cold and want to establish a more positive attitude towards winter in general? Are you feeling a bit stuck in your life at the moment and looking for a new hobby to boost your mood and willpower?

Although your friends will almost certainly call you a bit crazy, we guarantee that winter swimming in Lake Lucerne will be an unforgettable experience with many benefits for your health and wellbeing!
During our introductory session, you will learn all the relevant info regarding winter swimming. We will start off at the LiLi Centre, our winter swimming base. After learning the key elements of winter swimming, we’ll then head off for a refreshing swim at Ufschötti. Finally, we’ll come back to the centre to warm up and with plenty of time for Q&A.

What to bring:
•    Warm, comfortable clothes
•    Swimwear (ideally already worn underneath your clothes) + towel + underwear
•    Plastic bag to put the wet swimwear in after the swim
•    Optional: bathrobe (faciliates changing after the swim)
•    Optional: flip flops or neoprene shoes/socks to avoid sandy/cold feet

Cost: Lili Centre members CHF 15.- / Non members CHF 20.-
Your Trainers: Lucy Ferguson / Gerda Imhof
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