Jan 16. - Coding For Kids (Age 10 Plus)

Coding For Kids (Age 10 Plus)

The LiLi Centre is hosting a Kids Coding Club for kids aged 10 and up.  The club aims to inspire and educate kids with coding skills for the 21st century.  Working in Python, Scratch, and HTML/CSS, we'll build a range of projects from websites, games, animation, and even artificial intelligence!  We will learn the 4 basic concepts in coding - variables, conditionals, loops, and functions - and also have fun exploring new trends in technology.  No previous coding experience required!

This class runs for 10 weeks, not counting school holidays and students should enroll for entire semester.

About the leader: Laura Kinkead
I didn’t take my very first coding class until I was 19, but I’ve been coding ever since! I’m passionate about giving kids the opportunity to learn about coding at a younger age. I am a professional Software Engineer and Data Scientist, and I’ve lead a kids coding club for the last 3 years with the US-based organisation Girls Who Code.

Where: Lili Centre
When: Wednesday 16. January
Time: 17:30 - 19:00
Cost: Kids can come along and try the first workshop for CHF 35.- (you will then receive a bill for CHF 315.- for the remaining semester if they want to sign up). Alternatively you can choose to pay upfront for all 10 classes (CHF350.00)

Parents, please register your child/children below:

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