May 9. - What You Need To Know About Retiring In Switzerland

What You Need To Know About Retiring In Switzerland

This session will provide an overview of the three “pillars” of the Swiss retirement system: social security, employer pension and private pension savings and how you can obtain an estimate of the retirement benefit from each.  The tax and other advantages/disadvantages of each type of account will be covered along with evaluating whether to make additional contributions to an employer pension or a private pension account. 

Additional information:

Please note that this is a general information session.  Any actions to be taken should be discussed with your tax or financial advisor. These sessions will be held as informal discussions without handouts.  Participants desiring to take notes should bring materials for doing so with them.

More about Kathy Stanley:

Kathy Stanley worked in Switzerland as a US tax advisor for two of the “Big 4” international accounting firms from 1999 to 2017.  Now retired and living in Canton Lucerne she would like to help US citizens understand how the Swiss and US tax systems work together to determine the global tax liability.

Where: LiLi Centre
Date: Thursday 9. May
Time: 19:00 - 21:00
Cost: LiLi Centre Members CHF 10.- / Non-members CHF 20.-

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